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Two Castles!!!

coco09090909, Aug 28, 10 11:30 PM.
Elerd kingdom has pulled through another victory!  This time we have both Killien Fortress and Rangdil Keep.  This was also in part to the RvR cap being reduced to 140 v 140 again.  Plus as an added bonus we killed Shread's Rogwel GM XD.  Elerd's new motto.......WE KILL ALL EVEN GM's BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Lets hope we get Garmedis Stronghold next time!

RvR Victory!

coco09090909, Aug 21, 10 11:22 PM.

Congrats to any and all who participated in RvR tonight!  Elerd Kingdom has pulled through and finally captured Rangdil Keep!  Keep up the good work and defend the castle in the next RvR.


miicas, Aug 8, 10 7:42 AM.
Congratulations to ShadowPriest  on his successful completion of DLJ's first guild quest!!!!!!!

Do Lizzardz Jump

coco09090909, Aug 3, 10 11:05 PM.
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